At Central Florida Chrysler Jeep® Dodge, plenty of our customers are big fans of off-roading. Thanks to our extensive collection of off-road ready vehicles, and knowledgeable staff of off-roading enthusiasts, we can help you experience the great outdoors effectively and safely.

Whether you drive a brand new, off-road ready Jeep Wrangler or are behind the wheel of something you’ve modified, being safe while driving off-road requires more than just good gear, plenty of know-how is also essential. For starters, you don’t want to go fast while out on the dirt, no matter how ‘durable’ you think your car is. Obstacles and road hazards that can appear out on the trail can cause some pretty significant damage if you end up flooring it the whole way through. While a little speed may be good to tackle a steep incline, speed demons should ease up on the pedal while off the pavement.

Another helpful note is to stay on the trail. Not only can you avoid potentially dangerous obstacles, but you can also protect the natural wildlife by staying on the designated path. Possibly the most important rule off-road drivers should follow is to let someone know where they’ll be. You can’t predict how your off-roading venture will go, but by letting someone know your potential whereabouts you can have back up when worst comes to worst.

If you’re looking for an Orlando car dealership with plenty of off-roading knowledge and a skilled vehicle servicing team, you’ve come to the right place at Central Florida Chrysler Jeep Dodge. With our help, you can take on the great outdoors and return safely to tell the tale of your adventures.